Koosu, the little girl, offers milk to a hungry man

Milk for Shiva

Shivaswami was known in the village for his devotion to Shiva. He would go to the local Shiva temple twice a day. In the morning, he would take with him a pot of milk as an offering to Shiva. In the evening, he would sing songs describing the greatness of…
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Mother Shiva

Ratnavati lived with her husband Sudhakar on the banks of the river Kaveri. They were faithful devotees of Shiva. A few years after they married, Ratnavati became pregnant. The couple were very happy with the news. Ratnavati’s parents, who lived on the other side of the river, were also happy.…
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Shiva collected the poison in his hands

How Shiva’s throat turned blue

The devas and asuras were cousins who were always at war. Once there came a time when the cousins agreed to stop fighting and work together. The idea was to churn the ocean of milk which would yield Amrit or the nectar of immortality. Anyone who had a sip of…
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Shiva caught Ganga in her locks as she junped from heaven

When Ganga came to Earth

Every year, in June, huge grey clouds arrive in the sky above India. These clouds are grey because they are full of water. And these clouds pour all over India, providing water to the fields, filling up wells, lakes and rivers. To this day, everyone, and we mean everyone —…
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