Nanda was now a proud father. He named his son Krishna.

The eighth son of Vasudeva and Devaki was destined to be the destroyer of evil. Afraid for his life, Kamsa, Devaki’s cousin, had vowed to kill every child born to Devaki. However, using her magic, Devi Yogamaya arranged for the child to be transferred to the village of Gokula in the middle of the night. The child was now in the house of Nanda and Yashoda, who took the baby for their own child.

In Gokula, next to Chief Nanda’s house lived Rohini, Vasudeva’s first wife, with her son Balarama. In fact, Balarama was the seventh child of Devaki. To protect the child from Kamsa, Yogamaya had moved the child even before he was born to Rohini’s womb. Thus, Balarama was born in Gokula.

It was Rohini who first heard the cry of the baby apparently born in the house of Chief Nanda. She rushed out of her house, with Balarama closely behind. She entered Nanda’s house and was delighted to see the baby boy born to her friend, Yashoda. She hugged her friend and kissed the new born. “You have a little brother now, Balarama,” she said to her son. Balarama smiled at Yashoda’s child.

Nanda heard ladies talking and came there. He was delighted that his wife had given birth to a boy.

Nobody knew that they were looking at Devaki’s eighth child.

It was time to celebrate. People of the village gathered at Chief Nanda’s house. Sweets were distributed. Ladies sang songs. Girls danced.

Their Chief Nanda now was a proud father.

Nanda named his son Krishna.

People of Gokula called the child Nandalala. Some called him Nanda Gopala. He was dark in complexion and handsome. So, he was called Shyama Sundara.

Everyone in the village was happy. But little did they know that danger lurked and dark forces summoned by Kamsa were out to get Nandalala.

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