“Do not stop me. I want to see the world,” said Jalebi as she ran out of the house.

An old woman was busy making jalebis for a feast. A fox came sniffing. “Go away, fox,” said the woman, picking up a rolling pin. The fox stepped back. “I just wanted to see,” said the fox, “I want to see you frying the jalebis.”

“You can watch as long as you want, but you won’t get any,” said the woman sternly, as she scooped the jalebis with a large spoon. As she dropped the jalebis onto the plate, one jalebi jumped out. The woman tried to grab the jalebi, but the jalebi was too fast for her.

“Do not stop me. I want to see the world,” said Jalebi as she ran out of the house.

The fox ran after Jalebi.

The woman ran after the fox with the rolling pin.

But the fox was too fast for her, and she gave up.

“Friend, wait for me,” called out the fox, panting for breath.

“I can’t wait,” said Jalebi as she ran without stopping, “I want to see the world.”

Jalebi ran down the road with the fox closely behind.

The road cut through the forest and ended in a river. Jalebi came to ǡ sudden halt. “I can help you cross the river,” said the fox.

Jalebi accepted the help as she wanted to see the world beyond the river. She hopped on to the fox’s back.

“Take care, fox,” screamed Jalebi as the fox entered the water, “I’m afraid of water.”

“There’s no need to fear,” assured the fox as he swam, “You are safe on my back.”

Half way down the river, Jalebi found the water rising. “Friend fox,” she screamed, “The water is rising. Do something. I’m afraid of water.”

“Just move up a bit, the water will not touch you,” assured the fox.

Jalebi moved up. But water seemed to be still rising. Jalebi moved further up the fox’s neck. “Friend fox,” shouted Jalebi, “The water is still rising.”

“Sit on my head. You’ll be safe there,” assured the fox.

Jalebi hopped on the fox’s head. Just then, the fox dipped a little. Jalebi lost her balance and rolled down. As she rolled down the head, the fox opened his mouth, and Jalebi fell inside it! The fox was waiting for this moment. He wanted to hold Jalebi in his mouth for a while.

Jalebi was desperate. She looked for help. Just then, a fish swam by. Even as the fox was about to gulp down Jalebi, she jumped on the back of the fish which swam away.

The fish took Jalebi to the other shore. Jalebi jumped on the shore and thanked the fish.

“Take care, Jalebi,” said the fish. “Go and see the world.”

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