Lord Krishna being greeted by Sudan and his wife

When Sudama went to Dwaraka, his childhood friend Sri Krishna and his wife Rukmini, received him with affection. They persuaded Sudama to stay with them for a few days. Then they took him back to his village in their chariot.

Meanwhile, in the village, word spread that Sri Krishna was coming to their village. Villagers began to gather in Sudama’s cottage.

“Sri Krishna and Rukmini are visiting our Sudama’s house. We must make it fit for their visit,” said an elder.

“Let’s build a new home for our Sudama,” cried out a villager and all agreed.

The villagers worked day and night to build a big and spacious house, and decorated it with festoons. They brought new clothes and ornaments for Sudama’s family. They drew Rangoli (Kolam) in front of Sudama’s house and decorated it with flowers.

Sudama’s wife thanked the villagers for their affection.

Villagers lined up on both sides of the streets hailing Sri Krishna as he drove by. Sri Krishna stopped the chariot, jumped down and mingled with the villagers. Girls came running to him with dandiya and Sri Krishna danced with them.

At last, the procession reached Sudama’s house. Sudama’s wife brought water for Sri Krishna and Rukmini to wash their feet. Sudama wiped their feet dry with the cloth his wife gave him. His children fell at Sri Krishna’s feet.

“Bhabhi,” said Sri Krishna, “I’m hungry. What do you have for me?”

Sudama’s wife smiled.

“Govinda, I offer you what you have given us,” she said.

Then she brought him a bowl full of butter!

Sri Krishna jumped with joy as Rukmini clapped. The villagers joined their hands in salutation as Sri Krishna put the butter into his mouth.

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