Raman helps a merchant find his camel

Raman the detective

Tenali Raman was once walking along a forest path when he was stopped by a merchant. “I’m looking for my camel which has strayed away. Did you see it passing by?” asked the merchant. “Had the camel hurt its leg?” asked Raman. “Oh yes! That means you have seen my…
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Two women fighting over crying child

The real mother

Two women were fighting over a child. “He is my child, leave him alone,” cried the lady in the red sari. The poor child was too young to speak. “No, he is mine,” cried the woman in the green sari. Soon a crowd gathered. The village elders took the quarreling…
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Devas appeal to Sage Agasthya to help them defeat the Asuras

Agasthya drinks the ocean

The Devas and Asuras were cousins who were always at war. The Devas ruled Devalok, the world above Earth. The Asuras lived in the world below Earth, called Paatal. The Asuras grew stronger after sunset. So, the Asuras always attacked their cousins at night. As the sun rose, the Devas…
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The generous Rantideva welcoming guests into his home

The generosity of Rantideva

Rantideva was born in a rich family. Even as a child, he would share his riches with the needy. He got married and had sons. With no thought for the future, Rantideva and his wife continued to be generous. No one went away from their home empty-handed.Ultimately, Rantideva ran out…
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Lord Krishna being greeted by Sudan and his wife

Krishna in Sudama’s village

When Sudama went to Dwaraka, his childhood friend Sri Krishna and his wife Rukmini, received him with affection. They persuaded Sudama to stay with them for a few days. Then they took him back to his village in their chariot. Meanwhile, in the village, word spread that Sri Krishna was…
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Krishna meets Sudama

He was a visitor to Dwaraka. Draped in an ordinary looking cloth round his waist, a piece of cloth across his shoulders, and a bag hanging from his left shoulder, the stranger walked barefoot. His hair was combed and tied. He walked leisurely, neither too fast nor too slow, looking…
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The three promises

A young man named Aditya was walking through a forest. He came across a well. Aditya was thirsty and wanted to drink some water. But he was shocked to see a tiger, a snake and a man trapped inside the well, which was dry. All three pleaded with Aditya to pull…
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A daring plan

A young man named Aditya helped a tiger, a snake and a goldsmith who were stuck in a well. The tiger was grateful and gave Aditya jewelry. Aditya brought the jewelry to his friend, the goldsmith. The goldsmith recognised the jewelry — it belonged to the King’s younger brother who had gone…
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Panchatantra Stories: Weaver goes to war

A weaver had fallen in love with a princess. His friend, a carpenter, built him a mechanical eagle. Posing as Lord Vishnu on Garuda, the weaver married the Princess. The young husband and wife loved each other dearly. No one knew about their marriage. But all that was about to…
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Panchatantra Stories: The weaver and the princess

A weaver and his friend, the carpenter, lived in the bustling city of Vishalnagar. One evening, the two friends went out to have a cup of tea. A beautiful carriage went by on the street. As the weaver admired the carriage, the curtains on its windows opened a little. The weaver…
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