Lord Krishna being greeted by Sudan and his wife

Krishna in Sudama’s village

When Sudama went to Dwaraka, his childhood friend Sri Krishna and his wife Rukmini, received him with affection. They persuaded Sudama to stay with them for a few days. Then they took him back to his village in their chariot. Meanwhile, in the village, word spread that Sri Krishna was…
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Krishna meets Sudama

He was a visitor to Dwaraka. Draped in an ordinary looking cloth round his waist, a piece of cloth across his shoulders, and a bag hanging from his left shoulder, the stranger walked barefoot. His hair was combed and tied. He walked leisurely, neither too fast nor too slow, looking…
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kamsa hears the oracle

The birth of Krishna

It was midnight when Krishna was born. Outside, it was raining heavily. The Yamuna river close by, was flooded. Clouds covered the moon, so there was little light. Inside the prison cell, it was warm, as Devaki hugged her new born son, who was smiling at her. But Devaki and…
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Nanda gets help while crossing the river

Krishna reaches Gokula

Devaki and Vasudeva’s eighth child, Krishna, was destined to be the destroyer of evil. This made Devaki’s brother, Kamsa, very nervous. He had thrown Devaki and Vasudeva in prison and killed the six children born to them. Devi Yogamaya had protected the seventh child using her magic. A few months…
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