The Bell Demon

Bell demon

The village at the foot of a hill was peaceful. People were honest and hard working. The Village Chief was a kind and just man. One morning, the villagers woke up to the sound of a bell. They knew it was not the familiar temple bell. This was different. It…
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Demon outwitted

The story so far: Shivraj the farmer had a special person helping in the fields. A demon! The demon would do any task given to him. But if Shivraj stopped giving him tasks, the demon would threaten to gobble him up. Shivraj somehow managed to fool the demon and save…
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The demon immediately started tilling the land with the help of demon bulls

The demon who came to work

“Work, work, work. Never ending work,“ grumbled Shivaraj the farmer. “And no one to help me. I wish I could summon a demon to work for me!” he cried. The next moment, he heard someone addressing him,” You summoned me, Master?” Shivaraj looked down to see a dwarf with a…
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The hunter of ponds

Chintu was the youngest son of Ram Singh. When Ram Singh died, the eldest son announced that the house belonged to him. The second son took away whatever riches he could find in the house. Chintu left the house, carrying with him a bundle of ropes that neither brother wanted.…
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