Narada brought down a pot of water for Lord Vishnu

Work is worship

Narada is a devotee of Lord Vishnu. But he wonders if he is the greatest devotee. However, Lord Vishnu has an interesting take on devotion.
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Vishnu’s greatest devotee

Sage Narada was devoted to Lord Vishnu. He would go around the world reciting the Lord’s name — Narayana, Narayana. One day, Narada met Lord Vishnu. “Lord, I have a question. Who is your greatest devotee in this world?” Narada asked. Lord Vishnu pointed to a farmer ploughing the filed. “He is…
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The birdman

A young ascetic strode into a thick jungle. He took a dip in a pond and walked to a forest clearing. He stood with legs slightly apart, looked up, closed his eyes and stood motionless, taking the sun and the passing wind on his face. He stood still without movement…
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