Two women fighting over crying child

The real mother

Two women were fighting over a child. “He is my child, leave him alone,” cried the lady in the red sari. The poor child was too young to speak. “No, he is mine,” cried the woman in the green sari. Soon a crowd gathered. The village elders took the quarreling…
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The stranger handed the candle to a young girl

The stranger in the night – A Diwali story

A stranger was on a pilgrimage to Kashi. One evening, he rested in a village. The villagers were kind and helpful. They offered him food to eat and a place to stay. As he got ready to leave the next morning, his host had a word with him, “As you…
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Wolf! Wolf!

Ramu lived at the foot of a hill. He used to take the sheep from the village to the hill for grazing. One day, he was bored and he thought he should have some fun. He started shouting loudly, “Wolf! Wolf!” His cry was heard in the village. The villagers…
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